About the Local Chew

We help the local community connect to local restaurants.

What is the Local Chew

The Local Chew is here to help the local community discover the best foodie finds around. Whether your customers are looking for a nibble, a nosh, or the full meal deal, we want to help. We’re here to be a guide to eating local and living life deliciously. The Local Chew is a fair and unbiased online marketplace that will help restaurants increase their reach and give new and existing customers the opportunity to connect with their offerings.

Where We’re From

As our name, The Local Chew, implies – we’re locals. We’re all community members right here in Northeastern PA. You can find us all over the community in PTA meetings, in chambers of commerce, at community events, volunteering at the food bank, playing at local game nights, and of course – chowing down in our favorite restaurants. 

Who We Are

The Local Chew is part of the LockData family of brands. We’ve been creating websites and web applications as well as delivering exceptional quality and innovation to businesses in the region and beyond since the 1990’s.

What We Offer

In a time where the majority of restaurant patrons will go online to find their next favorite food spot, we offer restaurants an opportunity for increased brand visibility in the local marketplace. 

In other words, we help you stay top of mind for hungry locals and visitors alike on a platform that is fair, unbiased, and free.


It’s Fair

The Local Chew gives all restaurants a fair shot. How? Well, by not taking advertising dollars from restaurants. We even the playing field for your business by keeping things equal and not breaking up content with sponsored restaurants. This keeps your listing exactly where it belongs, instead of being bumped down the list by pay-to-play practices.

It’s Unbiased

The Local Chew avoids review bias. We’ve all been there. That one anonymous one-star review dragging down your rating on that nameless (but so popular) dining site. It’s nearly impossible to validate the experience, difficult to engage in a meaningful interaction or make amends, and good luck trying to get it removed. Listing your restaurant on The Local Chew avoids the stress that comes with a rating system.

It’s Free

There’s that magic word: free. Owning a restaurant isn’t just perfect flavor and plating, it’s also about managing your costs and setting your business up for future success. Marketing can get expensive, but the internet age offers many valuable alternatives. Listing your restaurant on The Local Chew is free and the boost your business will experience is the best deal you’ll find.